Blog Tour: ‘The Greenmen’ by Linden Forster

I read this, the second in the ‘The Hero’s Arc’ series, as part of a blog tour.

After reading the first, I mentioned that it seemed to be unsure whether to be more pure Fantasy or comic Fantasy and fully succeeded in being neither. Forster’s direction has found its compass point in this one and I am very pleased; there was no such dichotomy here.

I was looking forward to reading the second serving of this tale and it did not disappoint; lovely bits of gentle satire and comic fantasy, good characterisation and dialogue, and some evocative world-building as the series moves forward. Again, it was delightful to read some almost surprisingly poetic passages. And the main character’s arc is definitely, pleasingly heroic, despite his being an unusual protagonist.

The last time, I found Forster’s writing style to be similar to Pratchett’s (no small praise), and it is obvious that Forster has been inspired by the Discworld novels. Though any writer would be hard-pressed to completely match Pratchett’s sharp eye, sharp wit and sometimes all-too-human portrayals of people and historic events, Forster’s writing is continuing to develop really nicely; he certainly seems to be finding his feet, and his own voice, as the series moves on.

I suspect that there may be some amusing thoughts Forster has while writing that could also be included as footnotes, especially if it helps the lore- and world-building aspects of the story; however, this would then be in danger of perhaps seeming to be too Pratchett-esque (is there such a thing?) – or in danger of seeming to try to be. I doubt Pratchett would be insulted at such an action, though his fans might be.

All in all, I am revelling in reading the series – and in seeing Forster’s talent develop, as much as the story.

Once again, I look forward to the next one.

A solid 4.5*

The Greenmen


Aereon has found the Creators.

He’s crossed seas and mountain ranges to reach them, tangled with dwarves and ogres along the way, escaped the clutches of an icicle-wielding irate yeti to rescue them, and now they tell him that they weren’t in any great need of help.

A revolution has sparked in the realm of Hudikvar, because of some things Aereon might have said to a troop of homeless youths. Now, King Victarian is after Aereon and anyone associated with him.

Local woodsman, Lars, has agreed to help them flee and be their guide through Oak’s Wood, but even he cannot guess what lies in wait for them within. Not now the Lord of the Primes is about to wake.

‘He’s got a touch of destiny about him, that one,’ said the Dealer.
‘Aye. He’s got a date with her, I’d say,’ said the Trickster.
‘And she’s ordered the lobster,’ said the Teller.

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I do not get paid for blog tours and this is my honest review.

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