Blog Tour: ‘The Raven Coven’ by Emma Miles

When this, the second book in the trilogy was offered as part of a blog tour, I found that I was interested in the storyline enough that I asked to be involved straight away.

As with the first book, the world-building, magic use and characterisation are all strong, and the reader experiences a genuine desire for our heroes to succeed – and a genuine sense of injustice when instances of unfairness occur.

There are a couple of things in Miles’ writing that stick out, unfortunately. One is where Miles writes interrupted speech but has a habit of cutting it off mid-word, e.g. (and I’m paraphrasing) “If you’re sur-“; what was the word going to be? ‘Sure’? ‘Surprised’? ‘Surfeit’? ‘Surly’? Perhaps indicate interrupted speech with the non-completion of a sentence, rather than the truncation of words, as the latter can throw a reader out of the novel. There is also a tendency to repeat some phrases (regarding Kesta’s feelings about Osun, for example); it smacks of laziness and I really don’t feel that Miles’ writing is lazy, so it needs looking at, and bringing up to the standard of the rest of her writing.

The romance aspect was stronger this time (which I don’t usually go for) but so was the many-stranded plot (which I do); the storyline was woven together nicely and very well-paced, ensuring you wanted to start the next chapter straight away. The fight scenes, once again, were well-choreographed / envisioned.

All in all, a strong addition to her work, which has built well on the first novel and reset for the next. Perhaps I would have liked a little ominous foreboding of what is to come in the last of the trilogy, but you can’t have everything!

If you like Fantasy Romance, you can do worse than Miles’ ‘Raven…’ trilogy; I’ll be looking forward to reading the third – and not just for completion’s sake.


The Raven Coven.jpg

Kesta had left her heart across the sea. They were at peace, her people saved from slavery, and yet… her soul was uneasy.
Chem lies in chaos, its people suffering as a result of the death of the ruling sorcerers. Refugees flee the cursed Borrows, begging for help from those they had made their enemy. A Queen unknowingly makes a dark, deadly pact, and new powers rise to fill the seats left empty by the Dunham necromancers.

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I do not get paid for blog tours, and received a free e-copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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