Blog Tour: ‘Game of Crones’ by Jay Raven

Raven has a real touch for the dark and macabre.

In this work, he offers some short tales of witchcraft and devilry that seem strangely familiar to us – like a gut feeling that you may have seen the film you are watching  before, even though you haven’t.

As an introduction to Raven’s writing, and to malevolent magic stories in general, it certainly works; those familiar stories are told with a freshness and world-building that, together, show us old tropes in a new light – and which keep the reader turning the page.

As I have mentioned about his work before, there are some places where the punctuation and viewpoint is a little imprecise and I would have been tempted to ‘tidy’ it up; having said that, it’s probably enough to bother an editor / linguistic pedant, like myself(!), but unlikely to affect many others.

I also thought he perhaps missed a trick by not having the stories move forward through time, maybe even up to the current day or beyond. However, if the modern world isn’t what this self-proclaimed ‘lover of gothic chillers’ likes to write, then who am I to judge? Raven has an obvious affinity for European and American history, and squarely plants his tales within those well-envisioned times; aided by his solid writing of dialogue, the result is undeniably effective.

All in all, an enjoyable read – just don’t let young kids near it!


Games of Crones


Welcome to a world of cruelty, hexes and treachery, where malicious magic rules and you are but a single necromancer’s spell away from eternal terror.
From malevolent medieval magicians to Wild West witches, this spellbinding volume by a master of the macabre is packed with frightening fables guaranteed to send a supernatural chill down your spine.

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I do not get paid for blog tours and received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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