Blog Tour: ‘Murder in the Multiverse’ by R. E. McLean

An amiable writing style and a fun premise make our introduction to McLean’s storytelling comfortingly familiar, yet new enough to be interested in and entertained by.

The characterisation and world-building are basic but solid, the dialogue a little stunted at times but at others a lovely bit of badinage – but then, some of my favourite films aren’t known for their depth or witty repartee. The intelligence, here, comes from the subject matter; a detective novel which features quantum mechanics and Schrödinger’s cat is always going to be off to a good start – with me, at least!

Something that struck me every now and again was the protagonist’s word use – e.g. a Scottish character wouldn’t say ‘cell’, they’d say ‘mobile’ – but these were few and far between and I doubt would bother many people.

There’s a casualness to McLean’s writing that feels very approachable, however, and although you get the feeling that McLean was finding her feet with this book, this hopefully ongoing series will only get better with more additions – and more familiarity.


MIU1 cover v2


Alex Strand is finding her way as the newest and most ginger member of the University of Berkeley Physics Faculty.
But when the murder of reclusive internet billionaire Claire Pope proves insoluble, she’s recruited to the top-secret Multiverse Investigations Unit.
Hidden in the parking lot of San Francisco Police HQ, the unit investigates murders by sending officers to parallel universes in which the victim is still alive – for now.
Alex needs to prove herself. With the help of the mysterious Sarita Jones, the bizarrely-bearded Sergeant Mike Long and Schrödinger the quantum cat, can she track down the murderer, prevent the same crime from happening in a parallel version of San Francisco, and get back before closing time?

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I do not get paid for blog tours or reviews, and this is my honest feedback.

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