Blog Tour: ‘Fighting Back: Battle Ground #4’ by Rachel Churcher

This is the fourth part of Churcher’s quintet, and undeniably the best so far.

The themes are the same: loyalty, trust in friends, trust in governments.

However, the politics, power plays and propaganda have all ratcheted up a notch, and both our antagonist and protagonist are out of their depth – unwitting pawns in a much larger game of chess than either of them previously thought.

If the lines were blurring in the previous novel, now they are well and truly blurred.

Even though I wish I could, I can’t go into too much detail because, you know – spoilers. Suffice to say that I await the culmination of this series with a mixture of great enthusiasm and trepidation.

What result am I actually hoping for? Is that the same as the result that I’m expecting? Who am I actually identifying with, here?

Will my predictions prove to be true, or false??

Will I be able to write my review of the final book without using italics??!

All this, and more, to follow.

And “breakfast does taste better in a sandwich”.


Fighting Back Cover


Bex Ellman and her friends are in hiding, sheltered by the resistance. With her family threatened and her friendships challenged, she’s looking for a way to fight back. Ketty Smith is in London, supporting a government she no longer trusts. With her support network crumbling, Ketty must decide who she is fighting for – and what she is willing risk to uncover the truth.

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I do not get paid for blog tours or reviews, and this is my honest feedback.


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