Blog Tour: ‘Overstrike’ – Fixpoint Series Vol. 1, by C. M. Angus

I volunteered to participate in this blog tour, knowing only that this book was SF, but nothing else. From the title, I had imagined a tale of futuristic gunships and military hardware and jargon – that is not what this is, though it does have action and, necessarily, some jargon.

The series follows four generations of kind of time travellers (but probably not what you think), as they attempt to right the ‘wrongness’ of the world (also probably not what you think), while maintaining a tight enough grip on their own sanity, and therefore ‘reality’ (definitely not what you think).

It is a nicely head-frying novel about big ideas, such as causality, free will, and the multiverse, but which also touches on the more mundane politics, hubris, and good / bad intentions, with which we humans organise our lives.

I really enjoyed the book, especially as I love of bit of time travel wibbly-wobbliness; I would therefore suggest that if you like your stories more straightforward, this one is not for you!

I look forward to seeing where the story goes.


Fixpoint Overstrike


When Matt Howard’s grandfather told him he must alter history to protect his newborn son, Matt thought the old man was crazy…

…Then he realised it was true.

Overstrike spans 4 generations of a family haunted by the prospect of an approaching alternate reality where their child has been erased from history.
Touching on themes of retro-causality, ethics and free will, and exploring ideas of cause, effect and retribution, it follows the path of Matt Howard, whose child, Ethan, is at risk, as he, his father and grandfather attempt to use their own abilities to manipulate reality in order to discover and prevent whoever is threatening Ethan.
Overstrike is volume I of Fixpoint, a trilogy about a family who discover their inherited ability to manipulate reality. It enables them to effect changes in order to safeguard themselves and all that they hold dear. But even seemingly small changes in a timeline can have unforeseen and far-reaching consequences. Follow the stories of the Howards, on a journey exploring reality, time and our own sense of self.

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I do not get paid for blog tours or reviews, and this is my honest feedback.

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