Blog Tour: ‘Empire’s Exile’ by Marion L. Thorpe

As always, I don’t really ‘do’ spoilers, so any review of the third in a trilogy will tend to be somewhat shorter than the first.

I’ll start by saying that book three in the ‘Empire’s Legacy’ series is no doubt the best – and culminates in a battle, as these tales tend to (and should, in my opinion!).

As mentioned in my previous review (link here), I have much respect for anyone that can create a new language for their novel; Thorpe has created four and that’s impressive, even if she has borrowed heavily from existing or ‘dead’ ones of which we are already aware.

The characterisation and world-building, both of which Thorpe is solid at, have already had a decent groundwork laid by this point, so she has been able to crack on with telling the story without having too much exposition getting in the way.

However, I couldn’t get away from the slack editing. It not only distracted me from the great storyline but also meant I even had to re-read a couple of passages for clarity; a few mixed tenses, some incorrect usage, and so many commas.

I had an inkling that this one would be the best of the three and it is, that much is true; Thorpe’s strong characterisation and world building, mixed with some original ideas, creates a compelling story with some truly touching and heroic moments.

However, I had also hoped that it would be better edited – and it simply wasn’t.




“We cannot shape the circumstances to fit our lives, only our lives to fit the circumstances. What defines us, as men and women, is how we respond to those circumstances.”
Exiled from the Empire as a traitor, Casyn’s words echo in Lena’s mind. Determined to find Casil, the legendary city of beauty and learning, she travels into long-unknown lands. Her experiences in the first winter leave her scarred and afraid, but resolving to heal, and supported by an unexpected love, she continues her search. A chance meeting with envoys from the Empire and Linrathe, desperately seeking help from Casil, forces her to a difficult decision. Struggling to keep faith with her choices, facing the almost-certain destruction of her land and her people, Lena’s journey takes her to a deeper understanding of loyalty, sacrifice, and the dimensions of love.

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I do not get paid for blog tours or giving my opinion, and this is my honest review.

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