Blog Tour: ‘Magical Intelligence’ by M. K Wiseman

This is the first in Wiseman’s new ‘Magical Intelligence’ series for young adults, and I expected good things (I previously reviewed Wiseman’s ‘Kithseeker’, here). The steampunk-esque magical thriller did not disappoint; it is a fun, action-packed, twisty-turn-ey read.

As ever, the writing is very capable, and I will always enjoy the usage of ”round’ for direction, but it is in the flavour of her novels that Wiseman excels; although world-building is always easier with Historical Fantasy, Wiseman goes the extra mile in the details of geography, attire, architecture, and technological / magical minutiae.

There were a couple of occasions when I felt the characters’ language use and behaviour were a little off-key, especially considering how much was made of etiquette, colloquialisms, and the British / American class systems of the time (if you think America had / has no class system, feel free to leave a comment!); it didn’t stop me enjoying the novel, but I would advise caution about modern usages and assumptions creeping in. Other than that, the overall characterisation is three-dimensional and pretty sharp, and the protagonist’s development and arc are nicely handled.

On a side note, my basic Latin reads the motto on the cover as ‘The Crown Absolves It’ – please inform me if this is incorrect, anyone in the know!

I’d like to see how this series grows, and give it a solid 4* for its YA audience.

MagicalIntel_FrontCover copy


When you are a member of Britain’s first team of wizard spies, every mission might be your last. But as the dawning of the 20th century draws ever nearer, magic grows weak. Violectric Dampening, the clash of man-made electricity with the Gifts of magekind, threatens M.I.’s existence. And if that isn’t enough, they’ve now been discharged from their own government. Obsolete. Distrusted.
And now hunted by one of their own.
Myra Wetherby has always feared her so-called fits, strange visions of people and places that she cannot explain. It is the emotional manipulation, however, a strange empathic connection to those around her, which threatens her very sanity. A danger to her family, Myra runs away, falling straight into the hands of the newly ousted Magical Intelligence team. Who just so happen to need an ability like hers.
Which makes Myra one of them . . . whether she likes it or not.

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I do not get paid for blog tours or giving my opinion, and this is my honest review.

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