Blog Tour: ‘In Two Minds’ by K. T. Findlay

This is the first in Findlay’s Prince Wulfstan series, in which a modern-day sixty-year-old museum curator finds himself sharing a body with an Anglo-Saxon ten-year-old princeling. It’s a different, time-travelling take on the usual body swap tale, and has a lot of promise.

I’ll start by saying that the world building is pretty solid, and is nicely enhanced by Findlay’s research into the time period and customs. The characterisation is also pretty good – essential, I should think, when two personalities are sharing one body.

Unfortunately, I found the writing lacked clarity; the plot device of how this all starts already has a glaring hole in it, the slack punctuation / grammar meant that some sentences didn’t make sense or, even worse, were unintentionally funny, and in at least one part I was left wondering why a whole section was in the place it was.

I liked the idea and really wanted to like the book – Findlay is good at storytelling, especially on the research side of things – but, for me, the technical side of it got too much in the way of my enjoyment. It needs a decent going over with a fine-tooth editing comb.

Perhaps I’m being unfair and allowing my editor head to reign too much.

There are excerpts available on Findlay’s website, so maybe take a look and let me know what you think.


In Two Minds Cover


Hurled twelve hundred years into the past, into someone else body, things could hardly be worse. And then the body’s owner wanted it back…
Museum curator Thomas and ten year old Anglo Saxon Wulfstan have to cope with a fifty year age gap, a huge culture clash, and never knowing from one moment to the next who’s going to be in control.
If that wasn’t enough, Wulfstan’s father, King Offa of Mercia, has given his son just a year to find and prepare a team of ten female fighters to take on the King’s champion. In the brute strength world of Anglo Saxon battle, he hasn’t a hope.
Thomas has a plan to help, but first he’ll have to come to terms with eighth century Britain, with all its colour, violence, ignorance, and a disturbingly cavalier attitude to hygiene! And amidst all of that, he has to find ten amazing women willing to attempt the impossible.

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I do not get paid for blog tours or giving my opinion, and this is my honest review.

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