Blog Tour: ‘The Lazarus Child’ by Jay Raven

The third in Raven’s ‘Blood Rider’ series is as solid as the previous two (‘Crimson Siege’ and ‘Daylight’s Deadly Kiss’, reviewed here and here, respectively).

As ever, I shall keep this review brief due to spoilers (the books can be read alone but I would definitely recommend starting with ‘Crimson Siege’).

As mentioned in my previous reviews, the writing is snappy, visceral, and not for kids; it’s not exactly X-rated but there are some adult scenes. The action sequences flow like blood over steel, the world-building is a misty midnight and foggy as a nightmare; the book overall also has great pace, aided by some nicely fleshed-out and nuanced characters.

All in all – a good, dark romp to sink your teeth into.



To save his missing daughter a distraught slayer must venture deep into the heart of darkness

Legendary vampire hunter Anton Yoska is on the edge, tormented by the rumour that the precious child he once thought dead is still alive and lost in a world of monsters.

One creature alone knows for sure what happened to Gretchen, but Terek Modjeski won’t divulge his secret – revelling in the twisted power over his long-time foe.

Despairing and drinking heavily, Anton stumbles from near disaster to near disaster as he puts his team in jeopardy, testing their friendship and loyalty to snapping point.

Only one diabolical solution is possible – to confront Terek in his maximum security cell and force the bloodsucker to end his game of cat and mouse. But making the cunning infernal talk will mean employing brutal methods that go against every code Anton has ever lived by, forcing him to become as much of a demon as the leeches he hunts.

Face to face with the evil, taunting vampire, the desperate slayer takes a decision that will change his destiny forever – sending him hurtling into danger to confront a terrifying truth about his lost child that risks not only his sanity but the future of mankind.

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