Blog Tour: ‘I Lost My Compass at the Bermuda Triangle and Dream Five’ by Clara L. Molina

Due to a heavy cold, I’m a bit late getting this review up and published, for which I apologise to the author.

As with the last of Molina’s work that I read (‘Confessions of a Traveller: the Observations of Alien 597’ – reviewed here), she has some good ideas, and obviously takes a lot of joy from the writing process.

However, despite starting to stretch herself in terms of overall storytelling ability, scope and length, the tale was still overwritten and a bit formulaic, the pace still felt rushed, and the book was in serious need of some heavy editing.

It’s such a shame, as this latest offering of Molina’s doesn’t fulfil the potential which her ideas and covers (which are both great) promise.

Perhaps it was simply that my cold-addled brain couldn’t appreciate the tale as much as it should have done – let me know what you think.



Sophia Lorenzo awoke with no memory or identity and given a mission to murder a mysterious man named Murich Rhys. What will she do? There’s only one way to find out as she heads to his castle and embarks on a long and arduous journey to complete a task she does not want. 

Can she battle the scorching heat of the desert? What lies in the wake and maze of the forest? Can she escape from the Snow Dwellers and the inhabitants of the contentious city of Absolute Zero? 

She heads to the castle to discover who she is and why she was given this task. The truth is just as crazy as her mission. Sophia Lorenzo finds her compass on the Bermuda Triangle and Dream Five.

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I do not get paid for reviews or blog tours, and this is my honest opinion.

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