Review: ‘Finding Fire’ by Rachel Churcher

Churcher gives us more of what we like, in this collection of short stories from her ‘Battleground’ series (previously reviewed before on my blog, starting with the first one, here).

It’s a great addition to the series, filling in some of the gaps in our knowledge of the events and people involved, and adding in some new perspectives that were missing before.

Churcher is very careful to let the reader know that the book by its nature contains spoilers, and specifies which books will be affected by the reading of which short stories; as ever, I’d highly recommend that young adults and adults alike read these gripping books in the intended sequence, in order to appreciate them properly.

As I have previously mentioned in my reviews of this series, it is a brilliantly handled exploration of loyalty, democracy, politics, trust, justice, and human determination – and in this world of intrigue, things are never as black-and-white as they may seem.

This collection only enhances that exploration, and this understanding, as the hitherto unknown is brought to light.

And even more shades of grey are added…



What happened between Margie and Dan at Makepeace Farm? How did Jackson really feel about Ketty? What happens next to the survivors of the Battle Ground Series?

Step behind the scenes of the series with six new short stories and five new narrators – Margie, Jackson, Maz, Dan, and Charlie – plus bonus blogs and insights from the author.

The Battle Ground Series is set in a dystopian near-future UK, after Brexit and Scottish independence. Spoiler warning: Finding Fire and Other Stories contains tie-in short fiction from across the Battle Ground series. There are spoilers for all the previous books in the series, including the free prequel, Making Trouble.

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I do not get paid for blog tours or giving my opinion, and this is my honest review.

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