Blog Tour: ‘Balancing Act: Battle Ground #6’ by Rachel Churcher

This tie-in novel to Churcher’s ‘BattleGround’ series (reviewed here, here, here, here and here, respectively!), does exactly what it says on the tin. As usual, I’ll be brief to avoid spoilers, and won’t go into too much detail.

It shows the events in the last three of the original quintet from the viewpoint of another character, showing a different perspective and fleshing out what was previously a smaller role (though no less impactful).

‘Balancing Act’ is very well-written, as we have come to expect from Churcher. Her insight into what makes people tick is obvious, and we are clearly shown the depths of what people will do to each other (and governments to their citizens) in the name of power.

I was surprised part of the way through by the sudden change from a linear storytelling style to retrospective, and found that some of the tale therefore felt a little skipped over, but we are quickly caught up and this in no way diminishes what is a cracking read.

Honour, duty, sacrifice, power, ethics and morality, the fight of fear vs. love – all subjects that any human would do well to contemplate, and know where they would personally stand.

The series is aimed at the YA and older market, and I would heartily recommend any of them to all readers within those brackets – especially if they start at the beginning.



Corporal David Conrad has life figured out. His job gives him power, control, and access to Top Secret operations. His looks have tempted plenty of women into his bed, and he has no intention of committing to a relationship.

When Ketty Smith joins the Home Forces, Conrad sets his sights on the new girl – but pursuing Ketty will be more dangerous than he realises. Is Conrad about to meet his match? And will the temptations of his job distract him from his target?

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The first book in the series is also available for free download (May 28th-30th 2021), via this link.

I do not get paid for blog tours or giving my opinion, and this is my honest review.

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